Des réponses àvos questions
Des réponses àvos questions

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Every race will take place on 14 April 2019.

Here are the costs :

Residents : 

Non-residents : 

  • Marathon (42 km) : 50 € 
  • Half-marathon (21 km) : 30 €
  • The 10 km : 20 €
  • Kids stadium : Free

The marathon event is open to licensed and unlicensed runners born before 31 December 1996.

The half-marathon event is open to licensed and non-licensed runners born before 31 December 1998.

The 10 km event is open to licensed and unlicensed riders born before 31 December 2002.

Runners born after 13 February 1998, minors at the date of the event, must provide a parental certificate.

Registrations can be done on the online payment website. Offline registrations are open until saturday 06 April 2019 and can be done at the following locations :

  • Total Stations
  • Auchan supermarkets
  • City Sport
  • Go Sport stores

Payment can be done online with a bank card.
Offline registration will start on on until saturday 06 April 2019. All information will be posted shortly.

Bibs can be collected at Nation Place (old Place de l’Obélisque) from 10 au 13 Avril 2019. An SMS will be sent to you as soon as your bib is ready to be collected. If you haven’t received an SMS from Dakar Eiffage Marathon, it means your bib is not yet available.

In the pack you will be given a colored T-shirt that you will have to put on for the race. This is compulsory.

Identity card, driver's license or passport.

Pins will be provided by the organization.

Yes, upon presentation of the person's identity papers.

All races are timed thanks to a chip integrated into your bib. Intermediate times will be taken at a few course milestones for each race.

All races will end at the Place de la Nation (former Obelisk Square)

Departure will take place at Place de la Nation (former Obelisk Square) at : 

  • 07 : 00 am for the marathon (42km)
  • 07 : 30 am for the half marathon (21km) 
  • 08 : 00 am for the 10km.

There will be a parking space near the Marathon Village but space being limited, we advise you to use available shuttles.

You will receive on arrival the prize money and a medal. 

For all races, a souvenir medal will be awarded upon arrival. An award ceremony will be held no later than 7 days after the event.