Senegal, the country of TERANGA
Senegal, the country of TERANGA

The Dakar Eiffage Marathon is the perfect opportunity to combine business with pleasure. Take advantage of your stay to visit Senegal, a country full of sights and breathtaking seaside resorts. Discover the legendary Senegalese TERANGA (hospitality)! Senegal is a destination of choice to visit with family and friends, and even more so in April, thanks to its mild and pleasant temperatures. ​

A country of tourism and discovery, Senegal offers visitors a complete change of scenery thanks to its rich and varied cultural heritage. 

The dry tropical climate is characterized by two seasons: the dry season from November to June and the rainy season from July to October. 

Like many African countries, Senegal is characterized by linguistic and cultural diversity. French is the official language with six (6) further languages holding national language status: Wolof, Serer, Pulaar, Mandingo, Soninke and Diola.

If you wish to discover Senegal’s cultural and touristic heritage, you will find below a non-exhaustive list of some touristic sites to visit.


Gorée Island

You will discover beautiful colonial style houses with warm colors and sandy streets dotted with beautiful bougainvillea ... The island of Goree, just off Dakar’s coast, is marked by harmony and a surprising calm, but shall not forget its dark hours during the slave trade period. The house of slaves is its living testimony. Gorée has been classified as World Heritage by Unesco. Rowboats connect Dakar to the memory island every day. For more information on scheduled boat times from Dakar, follow this link.


Pink Lake

Its real name being Lake Retba, it’s been nicknamed "Pink Lake", in reference to the color sometimes given by sun rays when they react with algae present in the lake. Its very high salinity explains the phenomenon.

You will be able to witness typical scenes of everyday life taking place there: men and women, picking up, piling and carrying salt towards the lake’s shores.


Djoudj National Park

Djoudj National Park is an exceptional ornithological park. Pelicans, flamingos, cormorants, herons ... it is the home for hundreds of migratory birds species. Let yourself be tempted by a canoe trip to discover birds of all species.



Casamance is a must-see region for any trip to Senegal. It is located between Gambia and Guinea. It is the most fertile region of the country, with a generous vegetation. It also attracts visitors for its legendary Atlantic coast, full of splendid beaches, amongst which its star-beach : Cape Skirring.


The Little Coast

A must-visit for seaside tourism in Senegal, the Little Coast, just South of Dakar, is a long beach which borders the Atlantic Ocean. There are many water and other activities and is the ideal place for a relaxing family holiday.


Madeleine Islands

The Madeleine Islands, an ornithological sanctuary established as national park in 1976, is located just off the coast of Dakar. Terns, gannets, skuas, black kites ... A natural paradise where men are not the rulers.


Niokolo Koba National Park

More than 900,000 ha, crossed by the Gambia River, composed of varied landscapes and a protected fauna. It is only accompanied by a guide and armed with patience that you will get the chance to see the greatest number of animals (warthogs, lions, hippopotamuses, crocodiles ...) that populate the Niokolo Koba National Park. A space where nature has been able to maintain all its power and beauty. Not to be missed !