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What is the € - FCFA exchange rate?

Senegal is part of the CFA franc zone with a fixed exchange rate.
For information: 1 € = 655,957 f CFA

Where can I get CFA francs?

Foreign exchange offices (Cambio) and numerous banking groups are available at Blaise Diagne International Airport. You can do your currency exchange there, as well as in the offices of local banks and hotels.

How much for taxi fares?

Fares vary depending on the distance and are negotiated before getting into the taxi. Count between 500 and 2500 F CFA (1 to 4 € / $) if you remain within the city of Dakar. Make sure you negotiate the fare well before getting into the taxi. If you only have large notes, tell the driver from the beginning to make sure he has change available.

Airport transport

Most Dakar hotels offer airport-hotel shuttles (please inquire at your hotel). In case of need, shuttles (buses), individual taxis and car rental agencies are available between the airport and the city. Many companies also offer VTC services. For more information, visit the airport website.


There are many banking groups located in Senegal. CBAO-Attijariwafa Bank, SGBS (a subsidiary of Société Générale), Ecobank, NSIA Bank, Bank of Africa, UBA and BICIS (a subsidiary of BNP) have a large network of branches and ATMs in Dakar and throughout the country. ATMs are also available at Blaise Diagne International Airport, as well as currency exchange offices.

Time difference

Senegal is aligned on the Greenwich meridian. Local time is Universal Time (GMT). For example, the gap with France is one hour in winter and two hours in summer.


Highly recommended vaccinations for short trips are: tetanus, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, meningococcal disease, typhoid fever, hepatitis A and hepatitis B. Protection against malaria is strongly recommended (sleeping under mosquito net, wearing long clothes in the evening, protecting yourself with anti-mosquito products ...) Ask your doctor for advice.

Useful Numbers

Contacts of foreign Embassies and Consulates in Senegal by following this link.

Hospitals: consult the list of different embassies and medical practices by following this link.