A citizen
A citizenand eco-friendly event

The Dakar Eiffage Marathon wishes to be part of a sustainable development perspective by integrating into its organization:

1.   The establishment of free shuttles to the Place de la Nation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

2.   Waste management on the course and at the marathon village level:

  • Collection of all the waste produced by the Marathon
  • Establishment of waste collection and sorting points
  • Recycling and / or recovery of aluminum, organic waste, paper and cardboard, hard plastic.
  • Disposal of sorted waste towards recovery and recycling structures.
  • Sensitization of the general public to the sorting of waste by a green brigade made up of students: how sorting works, second life of waste products, etc.  

3.   Effective implementation of 21 April 2015 law, prohibiting the use of fine plastic bags on the Marathon site and use of biodegradable cloth or kraft bags. 

4.   Animation and communication on sustainable development by private and institutional partners

5.   Participation of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development in order to publicize to the general public progress made in this sector